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Child Eating Action Against Hunger Meal

Running for the months of April & May, Love Food Give Food unites food lovers from across Canada into taking action against hunger. Everyone from our well-known chef ambassadors and restaurants, food producers and bloggers, to those who simply love to cook, can take a small action and make a big difference to get child hunger off the table.

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Food For Action

An evening to eat your heart out for a serious cause.

Love Food Fest

Join us for an evening of unlimited food and drink and help raise funds to end childhood malnutrition.

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Dine with Us

Savour unique dishes at partner restaurants.

Dine with Us

For the months of April & May, each of the restaurants participating in Love Food Give Food will feature a special menu item or collect donations in support of Action Against Hunger.

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Host an Event

Share your love of food with others.

Host an Event

Indulge your passion for food at home and provide healthy, nutritious food to malnourished children around the world by hosting your own foodie fundraising event.

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Exclusive Events

Delect in acclaimed meals and wines.

Exclusive Events

Join us at a world-class restaurant where you’ll enjoy an unforgettable evening featuring exquisite wines, exceptional dining and great conversation.

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malnourished children provided lifesaving treatment per day
people reached with water and hygiene programs per day
people reached with food and livelihood programs per day
donor to feed a child and save a life for years to come
“I was blown away by the number of chefs and restaurants that work with Action Against Hunger in helping stop malnutrition in Peru. This is the largest collaborative effort from restaurants & chefs I’ve ever seen, and it’s eye-opening to see what a team of colleagues can do for a good humanitarian cause.”

Chef Matt Blondin, Restaurant Partner & Chef Ambassador

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