Canadian Chef Explores Action Against Hunger Project in Peru




Action Against Hunger is known around the world for combating severe malnutrition and food insecurity in developing countries. In Canada, our team’s goal is to make these issues more tangible to those who do not necessarily experience them. It’s only natural that we share our interests with chefs, including those who participate in our annual […]

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Quiz: Foods of the ‘80s!

In preparation for Love Food Fest – our celebration of childhood food favourites – we thought we’d take you “back in time” to the food fads of the 1980s. Test your knowledge of some most popular foods of the ‘80s!

(We know this is actually 2014 and you could just Google the answers but for now […]

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Food Fibs: Lies parents tell their kids to get them to eat

It’s not easy being a parent, and mealtime is no exception. Especially if you have picky eaters on your hands!

To get healthy food into young, growing bodies, parents sometimes get a bit, shall we say, ‘creative’. Sometimes that means stretching the truth just a tad. Not surprisingly, a lot of these food fibs are passed […]

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Kids’ Favourite Foods Around the World. Plus: Win Free Tickets!

What was your hands-down, gotta-have it, favourite food as a kid?

Picture that meal or treat right now. What does it conjure up? Does it still put a smile on your face?

Now take that feeling and put it into words. Tell us what you loved to eat as a child and why. You can tell us […]

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Announcing Love Food Fest: The Nostalgia Edition

Buy tickets to Love Food Fest

Love Food Fest is an ode to the food you loved as a kid.

It is a love letter to the people who fed you as a child, who made you realize how good food could be.

And it is a fundraiser for those who lack even the most essential benefits of […]

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